About Us

BAM-FX technologies were initially developed for use by NASA astronauts to grow fresh, robust and nutrient-dense food crops in Space. These technologies are now providing world agriculture with valuable, sustainable and green solutions to challenges here on Earth.

We are introducing a family of breakthrough agricultural products designed to increase crop yields and quality while also addressing crop plant mineral deficiencies and environmental stress-related issues.

Our flagship BAM-FX®product is a unique solution, which promotes a plant’s natural growth and performance by improving plant metabolism and nutrient uptake. Our technology enhances a plant’s ability to cope with biological and environmental stress factors, a process known as plant priming. BAM-FX boosts the natural physiology of a plant, resulting in increased yield, quality, and overall plant vigor.

After years of research on a wide variety of crops across a broad range of climates and soil conditions in multiple locations: USA, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, India, China and the International Space Station, the platform technology has consistently demonstrated superior yields at harvest due to enhanced rooting, increased plant growth and better fruit development.

With our roots in space and commercial agriculture, we have also developed a ready to use Home & Garden product with an exclusive formulation containing a highly bioavailable form of zinc.

BAM-FX Technology

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide targeted and innovative solutions to world agricultural challenges by working collaboratively to bridge today’s agricultural practices to tomorrow’s agricultural needs through the development and implementation of synergistic and green technology platforms.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to develop and provide solutions that meet the needs of the farmer and the family while also providing a positive benefit for the future of our world.