Ron Trunk

Owner, Iron Mountain Nursery & Farm Stage Coach, NV

We’ve been using BAM-FX for about six months on our commercial nursery and farm company and have shortened our harvestable regrowth from 73 days to 58 days, with excellent success with regrowth on other crops.

Rik Miller

Former President, DuPont Crop Protection
Strategic Advisor to BAM-FX

I was impressed with the consistency of crop performance enhancement over multiple-year trials and also the variety crops on which the product has been tested. The agricultural industry is looking for innovative ways to enhance sustainable productivity while increasing return on investment. Utilizing the science of the BAM-FX technology platform may represent an effective and efficient approach toward accomplishing that goal.

Pedro Lichtinger

Former President of Pfizer Inc.’s Global Animal Health Business and Global President of Primary Care, Pfizer Inc.Investor, Proposed Board Member, BAM-FX Exclusive Licensee (Mexico & Peru)

Mexico is a large and rapidly growing agricultural export country. It a top five exporter in avocados, berries, tomatoes and many other cultures. Mexico produces 36% of global avocado production and climate and water abundance allow it to produce throughout the year.
For the last two years Agro Space Tech de Mexico has tested BAM-FX under Mexican climate and soil conditions and have validated BAM-FX’s efficacy and ability to increase crop productivity in our country. The product has outperformed expectations and we expect it to be a major success. We have observed productivity increases ranging from 16% up to 78% in avocado crops. We have tested BAM-FX in avocados, berries, Persian lime and flowers. Next we will be testing the product for disease mitigation in crops. It is a true privilege to be associated with Zero Gravity and look forward to jointly having a major impact on Agricultural markets.

Robert Walker

Former Congressman (R-PA)
ZGSI Independent Board Member

The use of BAM-FX at my home in Pennsylvania has produced spectacular results. Plants that appeared to be close to dead have been revived and the only thing used to revive them was the application of BAM-FX. I had an evergreen that was down to one stem with a few needles on it and a holly bush that had only two leaves left on it and was dead for all intents and purposes — both are flourishing now! By no means a scientific study, but I will tell anyone and everyone that if you have diseased or dying plants that you want to save, you need to try BAM-FX.

John W. Boyd, Jr.

President of the National Black Farmers Association (109,000 members)

Recognizing the economic trend in agriculture, we are encouraging our members to consider the economic benefits of transitioning from commodity and trade sensitive crops to high ROI crops, such as hem. Our endorsement of BAM-FX, along with bringing the best technology and growing knowledge to the new, exciting hemp market. We believe in the approach that BAM-X technology utilizes to produce powerful plants with the ability to employ natural immune defenses.

John L. Freeman, PhD

Plant Biochemist, Molecular Biologist, Food Chemist

Director of Scientific Affairs & Principal Investigator Intrinsyx Technologies Corporation, NASA Ames Research Park

I have used BAM-FX on multiple crops for both farm and greenhouse production. I believe the product is very beneficial as a precision agricultural product for efficiently supplying highly bio-available forms of Zinc, Copper, Sulfur and Nitrogen to crop plants.

BAM-FX’s formula has multiple growth promoting effects and markedly enhances both crop yields and the nutritional quality of crop plants.

Ron Chernenko, Farmer

Grassy Butte, ND

I’m very excited to add a product as technically advanced as BAM-FX to my farming program. BAM-FX was easily added to my precision farming operation with a positive outcome. It increased the overall health of my spring wheat plant with wider leaves, thicker stems, and a more developed root. This increased my yield helping my bottom line in these tough economic times.”